Burning Sun Records (started in 2018) is an independent cassette record label that operates in the online underground scene and sells its products via worldwide postal delivery.

Our mission is to release our favorite heavy and power metal music on this beloved format.

Nice to collect, fun to listen.

Only professional!

No compromise! All of our items are factory made.

Heavy & power metal!

Traditional heavy and melodic music is what we are aiming for. You will not find any extreme metal among our releases.

Nothing illegal!

We do not release nor support any unlicensed or dubious items on the market. The bands deserve fair treatment!


Remember when buying a new album was a physical experience and not just another download?

We at Burning Sun Records believe that even in the digital age, you deserve to be rewarded with special releases that are nice to have in your collection.

Since cassettes enjoy their second renaissance with more and more artists and labels recognizing the demand for a physically attractive format that comes in different colors, we are here to contribute to this growing movement.

Cassettes are everywhere again and thrive not only in the underground scene. Also noteworthy that it gives you an easy to use, portable analog listening experience with a much better sound than you probably remember.

We at Burning Sun Records are music fans and cassette listeners ourselves hence the reason why we would like unleash more music on this format and share our passion with you.


Our label was originally formed to release special tribute albums that are 100% organized and compiled by us. This was a way for us to express our love for those bands, however in the future we don't plan to produce similar releases.

underground cassette label that specializes in heavy and power metal music
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