Wake of Ashes

BSR017 | Colors: black, dark blue | Released: 31 July 2023

Burning Sun's debut album is a powerhouse record that doesn't lack the magic trio of speed, riffs, and melodies! No opera singing and symphonic madness; this is a 100% power metal record influenced by the likes of Helloween, Grave Digger, Iron Savior, and Hammerfall!

A total of 100 copies were made in black and dark blue colors to match the beautiful artwork painted by Alan Lathwell.


Rise of the Lost Souls

BSR016 | Colors: black, orange | Released: 10 July 2023

How could you best describe the music of Somewhere in Nowhere? Is it traditional metal with mostly US influences of heavy, yet catchy guitars? It definitely is, although these German guys offer much more for those who venture into their realm.

This release was recorded over the course of 5 years, between 2017 and 2022, and only saw the light of day in the Summer of 2023. With 4 new songs, 1 re-recorded, and 5 remastered tracks from their debut, Somewhere in Nowhere made an impressive, 50 minute release to keep your head bang. Watch out for those twisted progressive elements!

All copies were made exclusively for the band.


Life Eternal (EP)

BSR015 | Colors: red, purple | Released: 31 March 2023

Heavy metal strikes back! Vadász is bringing you no less than the English versions of 4 songs from their debut album plus their version of Accept's "Breaker" as a bonus track. If you enjoy the bands of the NWOTHM movement, and would love to get your hands on a beautiful, unpolished underground heavy/speed metal piece, then you will definitely enjoy Life Eternal!

This entirely self-produced EP released on cassette, and digital platforms only. As all copies were made exclusively for the band, Burning Sun Records don't sell this release.


Emaly (Demo)

BSR014 | Color: black | Released: 29 December 2022

Burning Sun is a power metal project formed by Zoltán Papi (bass), the owner of Burning Sun Records, and just like the label, it was named after eponymous Helloween song.

This strictly limited, hand-numbered release was a one song demo that was meant to signal the birth of the project. The song "Emaly" is about a warrior of holy light, a paladin whom the upcoming album's loose concept is centered around. Based on Zoltán's lyrics, the music was written by Cederick Forsberg (Blazon Stone) and Pancho Ireland (Merciless Law).

Also includes the instrumental version of the song.


T​ű​z​ö​n​-​v​í​zen át

BSR013 | Color: classic clear | Released: 21 November 2022

There's nothing better than a good, headbanging album with crazy guitar harmonies, hooks, and screaming vocals telling tales about legends and glory, right?

Although the band sings in Hungarian, do not let this stop you from enjoying this underground gem as you will quickly realize that music is a universal language that we all speak fluently. You will be hooked from the first track; we can promise you that!

The cassette version includes their complete demo from 2012 as well as the instrumental version of the title track.


Road Werewolves

BSR012 | Color: classic clear | Released: 12 September 2022

This demolishing heavy metal band's virtuoso guitar playing truly makes them stand out from the endless sea of "new wave of traditional heavy metal" acts. Power and Glory is built on foundations that stood the test of time, but in the meantime Road Werewolves prove that it is always possible to enchant the music with a unique touch.

Power and Glory's second album shreds its way to Heaven, making this album a must-have for all old school metal fans who enjoy cassettes. Highly recommended for the fans of Loudness, Malice and Racer X. Our version includes 6 additional instrumental bonus tracks.


From Hell and Back (EP)

BSR011 | Color: black | Released: 12 September 2022

For the first time on physical format, we are bringing you Jester Ghost's debut release on cassette. These three songs are filled with seriously addictive melodies that will lift your spirit up!

Although From Hell and Back is a concept EP, each song stands on its own as these Italians once again show that metal is a genre not only rich in riffs and guitar solos, but also full of power, glory and happiness. Recorded with two different singers, Jester Ghost will definitely appeal to the fans of Helloween, Heavenly, Freedom Call and "happy metal" in general.


Virgin Idol

BSR010 | Color: classic clear | Released: 13 July 2022

Virgin Idol created the perfect heavy metal soundtrack that could be part of an occult undeground horror movie that just got unearthed.

While the riffs were written in Judas Priest and Accept traditions, Virgin Idol's atmosphere bears the black mark of Mercyful Fate/King Diamond. "Don't Touch the Flame" summons the spirit of Accept with Udo on vocals, "Do it Again" sends a shiver down your spine while keeping you headbanging with its speedy guitars.


The Neverending Fire

BSR009 | Colors: black, yellow | Released: 13 July 2022

The commando of Steelballs once again sends an energizing thunderbolt to the metal heart of everyone who worships the undying flame of the heavy and speed metal of the 80's.

Their second album is a perfect follow-up to their critically acclaimed first record, providing yet another dose of fast riffs, remarkable solos, and a ton of screaming vocals. One thing is for sure, these guys are serious about their belief in the eternal flame, for their music is the embodiment of heavy metal freedom.


Troops of Steel

BSR008 | Colors: purple, blue | Released: 06 May 2022

Merciless Law's debut album is a speed metal assault that should not be missed by anyone who enjoys razor-sharp riffs, killer solos, and high-pitched vocals. With the fantastic artwork of Mina Walkure, the powerhouse mix & master of Cederick Forsberg (Blazon Stone), this album is doubt a high quality album that should appeal to all fans of Teutonic speed metal.

Merciless Law's debut is not just a promising masterpiece but something that will stuck in your head even after you take the cassette out from the player.



BSR006 | Color: classic clear | Released: 19 December 2021

"Burning Sun" originally started out as a printed fanzine (written in Hungarian). For years, the fanzine issues came with a volume of promotional CD-R titled "Seeds of Metal". With the exception of the final track, all songs of this limited-edition cassette are selected from those CDs, making this release the power metal essence of Seeds of Metal.

Produced to celebrate the fanzine's 10th issue, Seeds of Metal includes a special intro and 7 power metal tracks, from which none were released on this format before.


Harc a benzinért

BSR007 | Color: transparent | Released: 18 December 2021

The new wave of traditional heavy metal (NWOTHM) movement has countless talented followers who do a great service by resurrecting the golden age of heavy metal. Vadász is part of the movement and without doubt, among its talented newcomers.

This version of Vadász's debut album is released before the CD and digital editions to give you a huge dose of old school heavy/speed metal mania on a proper old school format. Harc a benzinért comes on a professionally manufactured cassette.


Demo 2015 (Demo)

BSR005 | Colors: black, white (eggshell) | Released: 14 June 2021

Limited cassette edition of Serbia's all-girl power/thrash metal band's demo from 2015. This special two track demo was never released in physical format before and our edition also got sold out during the pre-order period.

This first-ever release brings you the young and proud Jenner, full of energy and passion, something that is a must if you're a fan of the band and quality metal in general. Includes a truly raw live track which was recorded in 2017.


An Underground Tribute to Running Wild

BSR003 | Colors: black, yellow, blue | Released: 16 March 2021

Wild Privateers is a very special tribute album dedicated to Running Wild, who are not just the inventors of the "pirate metal madness" but their powerful songs inspired countless fans and musicians all over the world.

The album includes 8 brand new Running Wild covers from 8 different underground heavy and power metal artists from Europe and the American continent.


Stygia (EP)

BSR004 | Colors: black, white | Released: 02 December 2020

The first concept release from the Brazilian master of epic heavy metal, Fabio "Grey Wolf" Paulinelli.  A journey to the evil realm of Set, known from Robert E. Howard's Conan stories.

Fabio's music became raw and took a dark turn on Stygia which you can experience on this 4+1 track EP with the 5th song being a Running Wild cover.

Comes with a sticker and a Bandcamp download code.


An Underground Tribute to Gamma Ray

BSR002 | Colors: black, brick red, green | Released: 22 May 2019

This is the first-ever tribute album dedicated to Gamma Ray.

With 10 different metal bands from all over the world, this intergalactic alliance resulted in a powerful sounding and beautiful looking cassette. A truly unique and majestic release to honor the legend from Hamburg.


An Underground Tribute to Helloween

BSR001 | Colors: black, red, orange | Released: 15 May 2018

Pumpkin Invaders was the first release of the label and aimed to pay tribute to Helloween, the best band on the planet.

Although it is a "patchwork" release with 4 exclusive covers and 6 previously recorded ones, the latter were never released on the cassette format before. In fact for most of them, Pumpkin Invaders was the debut on physical format.

underground cassette label that specializes in heavy and power metal music
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